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Originally published at Lost Entropy. Please leave any comments there.

Rails on Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard to most people), is fantastic. It’s already there, and it just works. From the very second Leopard finishes installing, you can run rails yourAppName in a terminal, and boom, it gives you a default Rails app. Move into the directory that just got created with cd yourAppName, and start Mongrel running with script/server. Fire up Safari, head on over to, and you can see your app running. Awesome!

However, try and move this to a non OS X server, and it won’t work, because /public/dispatch.cgi, /public/dispatch.fcgi, and /public/dispatch.rb all have the following line at the top:


This line should say:


This change that Apple have made isn’t necessary for Rails to run on OS X, as there’s already a symlink in /usr/bin/ruby to make this extra code unnecessary. I’m a little confused by Apple’s motives here. A mistake? A mischevious way of increasing OS X Server sales, by making it harder for people to port their apps away from OS X? Either way, it’s an unneeded frustration. Fix it, Apple!