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Stephenson Summer Ball

Okay, so I never actually got round to posting about the ball. Sadly, I couldn't take any photos, because I don't have a decent camera, and my phone wouldn't work with such low light. But, here's a quick review of the evening.

None of us were really interested in paying an extra £20 for the meal (which we were later informed wasn't worth it anyway), so we just got ents tickets (basically everything-but-the-meal), and Henry cooked us an amazingly good spaghetti bolognese.

Then we jumped on a coach to Tall Trees, in Yarm. As soon as we got there, Henry handed me a fat Cuban cigar and a glass of whiskey (I wasn't going to argue...) -- a pretty good start.

We had a photo taken of Me, Henry, Steph and Cat, but I don't know how it came out or anything. Then we went to go mingle and saw lots of people -- this is the point where I realised I wasn't going to be able to take any pictures for you all due to my phone's camera being awful in low-light.

We took a wander out the back where they had a cool patio/balcony thing looking over the Tees (wonderful as it is...</sarcasm>), and we sat down on the second-most-unstable bench ever. Courtney and the rahs were on the most-unstable bench ever, which resulted in lots of spilt drinks, and it was quite amusing to see the rahs fight with the table.

Fi came and found us after a little while, followed shortly afterwards by her "mad teacher friends" as Cat calls them (who're really nice, despite being very hyper Geordies :p). One of Fi's friends was explaining how she was in a school (on placement) and earlier that day, the class was asked to write a list of cakes. One smartass asked if spotted dick was a cake, but the teacher said "no, it's a pudding". This somehow reminded Fi that whenever her boyfriend Steven walks past a certain shop in Newcastle, he has to yell the name at Fi quite loudly. The name of said shop is BAPS.

So aaaaaanyway. Went back in after a bit (avoiding many broken glasses now on the patiothing), heard that Beca and a male friend were dragged out of the woods by security, watched DJ Spoony's set (couldn't really be arsed with it, to be honest -- but at least it was better music than the Rocket).

At some point during this time, me and Henry wandered outside and had a chat about ... stuff ... and then we went back inside just to see someone start playing Rocket music (EXTREME cheese). Highlights of said cheese were PJ and Duncan's "Let's Get Ready To Rumble", and the theme from Baywatch (I've had... the time of my life...).

On hearing the Baywatch theme, me and Henry decided to re-enact the opening credits (running across the beach in slow motion). Twas quite funny.

Uh, then jumped in a coach back and it was all over as quickly as it started. Funfun!


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Jun. 12th, 2005 03:06 pm (UTC)
Let's get ready to rumble. classic tune. They play it at the Time Tunnel (cheesey pop night at Liverpool Uni) and everyone dances. I mean *everyone*. It's so cool.

Glad you had fun :D
Jun. 13th, 2005 10:10 am (UTC)
Time of my life? Dirty dancing, surely?
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