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WWDC 2005

Interesting developments at WWDC 2005, eh?

I wonder where this will leave Apple's hardware department. Will OS X be allowed to run on any PC, or only Apple's hardware still? Only Apple hardware.

I'm not going to "drop" Apple products as a result of this, that's just silly and petty, but I'm definately curious as to what a dual booting Mac (OS X and Windows) would be like. Certainly defeats the point of Virtual PC if you could.

(Also, is there a going to be a webcast of WWDC at any point?)


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Jun. 7th, 2005 12:25 am (UTC)
anything inside
this is something i thought a bit crazy. I was expecting them to stay powerpc and develop a roadmap for moving to cell.

the new xbox360 has a good powerpc processor and then there is the cell processor.

Now most people are saying this is like the switch from 9 to x, more like from 68k to powerpc.

Now let's do a swot analysis of switching to x86

-emulation is slow - altivec emulation is slowe
-porting is made quicker but still porting altivec isn't quick

slow upgrade cycle from software companies

fast cheap x86 processors, mean apple is able to compete on price as it doesn't need expensive powerpc processors

When macs were moving to ppc, programmers used so called fat binary. Same file, but both machine code for 68k and ppc. This is very much possible with application packages and integral to the system. Developers make a program and it's happy on both platforms. Because of this, macosx is now multiplatform. Unlike linux where the soucre is multi platform and it has to be compiled for each single platform, so you have to get the right version for your platform, this means that you have a single file it runs on anything.

anything inside
Now i mentioned cell. Cell is very powerful, but there is a lot of work making a kernel and core os that runs on this radicly different archetecture. Certainly they had no chance of getting it done for a few years, during which time they are stuck with the uncompetitive ppc 970.
Moving macosx to intel won't stop them doing this. Programs will still be compiled in ppc and there isn't much difficulty running the programs under cell once the operating system has been writen to keep the programs happy on it either from JIT emulation of altivec (cell is powerful enough to do this loads) or porting the programs to take advantage of its archetecture, but i doubt this would take much, most mac programs are multithtread and all.

have a look at this http://www.blachford.info/computer/Cells/Cell4.html

oh WWDC: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/qtv/wwdc05/
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