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So you're not on uppers or something?

12:38:11 AM rocketdogg: Man, you've been productive lately --- how are you doing?
12:39:18 AM dogcowguy: Well! Exams are over.
12:39:27 AM dogcowguy: Just tying up loose ends for a couple of weeks then going home.
12:40:07 AM rocketdogg: Congrats. Your survived a year of uni!!
12:41:23 AM dogcowguy: Heh, thank you! :)
12:43:45 AM rocketdogg: Man, Exams finished, support tix answered, Cube template in the works, RT reinstalled.. new LJ template (I like). WTF?
12:43:48 AM rocketdogg: I'm worried about you!
12:43:57 AM dogcowguy: Hahahaha
12:56:03 AM rocketdogg: So you're not on uppers or something?
12:56:08 AM dogcowguy: Hahaha


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Jun. 5th, 2005 08:53 am (UTC)
you got an espresso machine and the sweeny for your bithday then? ;)
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