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Ask Me Anything

In response to this "ask me anything" poll (which is still open):

annzah asks "What's your favourite food?"
Well, uh. Now you got me. I'll eat mostly anything without complaints, though I'm a sucker for Chinese. Nothing really beats those crispy Peking duck pancakes. Yum.

nulz asks "Will this week ever end?"
Well that week did, but it would seem that this one won't. It'll last forever. So get used to time ending, everyone!

jpallan asks "Are you going to visit The Commune, beta1.2?"
Eventually, when I finally get together enough money, because I really need to meet you all.

oneko_briar asks "How long did it take for u to morph into a web/comp genius? Life story sharing this aspect wldbnice"
Hm. Iuno. I started using computers when I was 5. Wrote my first program in BASIC when I was about 5, too. I fiddled with things, to see how I could change them. Changed settings. Rewrote things. Broke things. Had to fix things before my mum found out I'd broken the computer, etc. I found it all fun. I just kept fiddling and rewriting, and through that I'd learn more and more, until I got to be Chief Technology Officer at a really cool company.

annapanna asks "What's the funniest thing you've ever done?"
Uh... pass. I'm not funny. I try to be, but it always goes a bit wrong, really.


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May. 16th, 2005 09:15 pm (UTC)
i swear you're not allowed to pass! cheater!
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