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2:27:29 Aaron: The owners of the thai restaurant Anna and I eat at a few times a week were explaining to me where red bull comes from
2:27:50 Aaron: The brand is trying to mimick this thai drink called kan'dang (I think that's how its spelled)
2:28:22 Me: Yeah?
2:28:32 Aaron: That's tea made from thai tea leaves (most caffienated in the world) and, instead of water, sugar cane
2:28:40 Aaron: So, its just pure caffiene and sugar.
2:28:44 Aaron: Then they add opium.
2:28:50 Aaron: Its taken like a shot.
2:28:55 Aaron: (Drink, not needle)
2:29:21 Me: Wow.
2:29:29 Aaron: And its used by the guys who clear the sugar cane fields, because they have an ultra-short harvest season and have to stay up straight through
2:29:36 Aaron: So, it keeps them limber and in a good mood.
2:29:42 Me: Nice
2:29:58 Aaron: And I guess one guy can clear like an acre on hour on this stuff.
2:30:11 Aaron: Then, if they do get a break, they drink a downer.
2:30:15 Aaron: Sugarcane whiskey.
2:30:18 Aaron: With cobra venom.
2:30:23 Aaron: To calm back down.
2:30:51 Aaron: (Also, they told me, builds tolerance for bites, which are really really common for the field-clearers, who can't stop to tend to the bites so they have to be immune)
2:31:49 Me: Whoa.
2:31:54 Me: That is impressive.