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Burn burn for us, for them, for you

Bought a 19" monitor on eBay for like £25. Nice Belinea one, too. Can't really argue with that. What I can argue with however, is the treatment recieved from Royal Mail. They're refusing to deliver it because it's too heavy under new rules introduced on May 1st. The package was sent on April 29th, so the new rules shouldn't apply. I called East Croydon Delivery Office, who told me to call Royal Mail's main customer services team. I did so and was told to call Post Office Counters' customer service team, who in turn told me to call Royal Mail. On calling Royal Mail _again_ I told the person on the other end of the phone in no uncertain terms that I wanted my package. And fast. He was actually very nice (I feel guilty for being harsh with him at first, but I had been messed about excessively by that point) and worked very hard trying to sort it out, calling me several times during the afternoon. He's going to kick some butt at East Croydon Sorting Office and get me my monitor.

Spoke to mieru on the phone a few days ago. For some reason I had a bout of shyness and didn't really say much. Sorry Danielle! (Apparently I wasn't the only one though...).

James is getting me to do more sound engineering for the theatre, and for a concert down at the Bluebell railway I think... should be fun. I love doing that kind of stuff.

Went to see Cat over the weekend. She is going to pass her exams. Don't listen to her if she says she isn't. Grr, why can't it be the Summer already? I want her back, dammit. :(

But yeah, while I was up there, we saw Kill Bill 2. Pretty good. Not sure which was better. It was a lot slower than the first one, but that was probably because there were less people left on name deleted's list. However the whole thing with the beard guy was so funny. It was Monty Python-style surreal.

After that we went to The Empire in Middlesbrough, which was damn cool. They had an indie room, a pop (read R&B/hip-hop) room, and a rock room.

One of the rooms even had these dodgy 80's games you could play (yes, even Pacman!). Shame it was in the "pop" room, though. I think it'dve fitted more in the indie room because of the whole retro factor but whatever. It was really really really cool. I want to go back.

Yesterday we watched the Spirited Away DVD. I miss that film. It was so good in the cinema. I think I preferred it in Japanese and subtitled, though. The English version detracted from the... authenticity(?) a little bit.

What is it with watching girls sleep that is so adorable? The way their hair lays around their head, and the cute looks on their face. What's with that?

Poll #291359 Opinion Polls!

What do you want to say to me? What do you think of me? You can tell me anything you want. Noone else will see it except me.

Why does it cost £76 a year to subscribe to Wired, when, paying shelf prices, you'd only spend £36 to £48? Anyone?

I wish xJournal would post to several journals at once. That way I could update my Minilog by making one post, hitting post and watch it appear on both LJ and ML. fraserspeirs should sort this for me. :p

I was considering making a Wiki where people could post random things about me. Just out of curiosity, really. To see what people would say. That's kind of why I want people to fill out the poll above. Curiosity. GO. ANSWER!

Minilog's getting scarily big. Heh, I'm making a whole few cents a day on Google Adsense. Wowwww. </sarcasm>

Sorry this was such a random post. It was a cumulation of lots of things I haven't posted recently.


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May. 10th, 2004 02:27 pm (UTC)
Random post deserves random reply.

That reminds me i need to kick Hercules' Ass again as they have lost my graphics card.
But not tonight.
I need to see spirited away.
Girls are just gorgeous full stop. But last two girls i saw sleeping would be lisy_babe and akte who were all snug and warm because they knew they didn't have to get up being a bank holiday! Grr. Me and hysteria74 did though so meh.

Sound engeneering eh? We need crew for rave on air - and urgently ;)

£76 includes posting each one over individually. Comag ship over big boxes of them so each issue can be cheaper, so a subscription is cheaper.
May. 10th, 2004 02:39 pm (UTC)
Re: Random post deserves random reply.
Yay for cool random replies.

If you need ROA crew you know where I am :p

That IS Comag's price on their Magazinecafe.co.uk website, btw.
May. 10th, 2004 02:42 pm (UTC)
Re: Random post deserves random reply.

maybe get smiths to send you it
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