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FreeWorld Dialup

I now have FreeWorld Dialup, an IP-based phone system. Basically my computer is also a phone.

You can call me one of three ways:
  • From a UK phone on 0870 340 3229
  • From a US phone on 360 968 1179
  • By calling me from an SIP phone (X-LiteFWD or MSN Messenger for Windows) at 268419

    By the way, this is all free and stuff, so if you have speakers and a microphone (or better a headset), why not join? This is actually really kinda cool. Oh, and you can call real phones from it too (although that's not quite so free, but it's still cheaper than calling from a mobile).

    (This will say "now online" if i'm online, or "network member" if I'm offline. If I'm offline you can leave voicemail...)


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    Mar. 8th, 2004 04:51 pm (UTC)
    i forgot it kept loosing some settings like the one to not send internal ip and the gateway address. Talk to you later.

    Where do you get the cool icon?
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