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Are wizards extinct?

... coming to you live from a train that left King's Cross way too early (5:55am), and that I had to leave my house even earlier to get (4am). Annoying, seeing as I was supposed to go at a more reasonable time (8pm) yesterday.

Yup, I'm going back to sunny Stockton to see deadstar_1. I've spent most of the week up there (and didn't plan to leave during that week), but I got a phone call on Monday, calling me back for another interview at UpMyStreet.com/uSwitch.com. Which... due to the wonderful rail system we have, I was an hour late for.

It seemed to go okay. I think it ended quite abruptly, but that could've just been because it was nearing 6pm, and they probably wanted to go to the pub or something, heh.

I don't know. We'll have to see. I'm not as confident about getting the job as I was, but I think that's only because of the abrupt ending. Which could've been me just looking too deeply into things anyway. I find out for sure Wednesday-ish.

Dammit, I want to know NOW, not on Wednesday.